Nana Tillie Continues Preparations for the Cat Food Commission

I give up!  Medicare and Social Security are either “on the table”, or “off the table” depending on which bobble head is talking on the cable TV.  How about under the table? That’s where half the seniors I know are these days.  Trust me, we’re sitting on sun porches in our retirement communities sipping from water bottles filled with straight vodka.  What else can we do? this country has gone crazy!

I’ve been busy working my digestive system creating and sampling recipes made from cat food before the big shots  in Washington take all our entitlements away. Spent the last two weeks eating natural cat food.  You know, limited carbs, grain free, high in Omega-3.  Good news: the kibble’s not half bad!  Pour some in a bowl and people with limited vision will think they’re goldfish crackers. Makes a nice snack for bingo.  If you want to get fancy, open a can of turkey and salmon formula and put it in a special bowl.  Looks like pate.  You can use it as a spread on the day-old bread you get at the local Shop-A-Lot.  As things get even worse, you will have to sell the good china to pay for your medications. So enjoy it while you can.

Today I had some chicken and gravy (for senior cats). With a little flour and salt, you can make a lovely pot pie.  Bake the crust first, though, then cut and paste. Cat food doesn’t smell so good at 350 degrees.

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Nana Tillie Gets Ready for the Cat Food Commission

Nana Tillie Blog 2
My poor Marty, rest his soul, would never believe the politicians want to take away our Medicare and Social Security and leave us to eat cat food while they give our money to the oil companies.
So, getting ready for this, I had quite a week sampling brands of cat food in between visits to the doctor. I also had an upper gi, a lower gi, and a rabies vaccination. Nice people, they gave me a certificate and a lovely green medal that turned black and gave me a rash on the neck after I put it on the chain with my guardian angel pin.
The first day I started with the fancy feline appetizer. Not bad if you spread it on crackers and wash it down with a jelly jar of red wine from old Mario’s cellar. That we won’t give up!
Day after, I took a lick of some gourmet cat food – the brand a nice girl at the natural pet store calls “kitty crack.” Looking at it through my cataracts, it could pass for chicken tetrazzini. Sorry to say I had the heartburn all night. Too much crude protein for me.
Right now I’m dying for some pasta. More next time after I try a few cans from the all natural pet store. It’s grain free. Good news dieters: it should be low in carbs.

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Cranky. Crankier. Crankiest.

If this weather doesn’t improve soon, I may gain some more weight. I really don’t like spring in New England. If it isnt’ raining…and frankly, so far this month it’s been raining every day and twice on Tuesdays…the pollen count is a billion and one. Mud season needs to end. NOW! Bubby Bobbi says.

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Nana Tillie on the Cat Food Commission

It’s been ten years since my Marty was crushed to death by his fancy new recliner with the electric. The chair just went haywire while he was watching a Patriot’s game! (I wish it had been the Celtics.) I miss him every minute, but especially when there’s news and politics to discuss. I switched from soap operas to politics around the change of life. My son, Francis says I lost some brain cells along with my hormones. He has a mouth. I blame his wife.

I know I can be pretty tappy , but I pay attention to what those millionaires we elect to represent us are up to. What they’re up to is making sure the rich keep their tax cuts while the rest of us lose our pensions, our houses and our Bingo money.
Now they are talking about cutting Social Security and a lot of seniors are worried that we won’t be able to afford anything but cat food.
I’ll have more information next time, after I sample some brands. My cats are no help.

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Nanas perform Bucket List at Temple Emunah Lexington

Tomorrow, Saturday April 9 at 8:30 come out and support Temple Emunah as they present the Naughty Nanas’ Bucket List. Dessert buffet included! 9 Piper Road, Lexington, MA.

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Elizabeth Starr “Improvs” Her Over 50 Life

Check out Kathy Shiels Tully’s article in the 1/7/11 issue of The Melrose Patch.

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Standing ‘O’ at IB bar!

Crowd response last night was awesome. Next chance to catch us is Friday 1/14 at ImprovBoston at 9pm. Be sure to order your tickets online for The F@#kit Bucket List here:

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