Nana Tillie Gets Ready for the Cat Food Commission

Nana Tillie Blog 2
My poor Marty, rest his soul, would never believe the politicians want to take away our Medicare and Social Security and leave us to eat cat food while they give our money to the oil companies.
So, getting ready for this, I had quite a week sampling brands of cat food in between visits to the doctor. I also had an upper gi, a lower gi, and a rabies vaccination. Nice people, they gave me a certificate and a lovely green medal that turned black and gave me a rash on the neck after I put it on the chain with my guardian angel pin.
The first day I started with the fancy feline appetizer. Not bad if you spread it on crackers and wash it down with a jelly jar of red wine from old Mario’s cellar. That we won’t give up!
Day after, I took a lick of some gourmet cat food – the brand a nice girl at the natural pet store calls “kitty crack.” Looking at it through my cataracts, it could pass for chicken tetrazzini. Sorry to say I had the heartburn all night. Too much crude protein for me.
Right now I’m dying for some pasta. More next time after I try a few cans from the all natural pet store. It’s grain free. Good news dieters: it should be low in carbs.

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