Nana Tillie on the Cat Food Commission

It’s been ten years since my Marty was crushed to death by his fancy new recliner with the electric. The chair just went haywire while he was watching a Patriot’s game! (I wish it had been the Celtics.) I miss him every minute, but especially when there’s news and politics to discuss. I switched from soap operas to politics around the change of life. My son, Francis says I lost some brain cells along with my hormones. He has a mouth. I blame his wife.

I know I can be pretty tappy , but I pay attention to what those millionaires we elect to represent us are up to. What they’re up to is making sure the rich keep their tax cuts while the rest of us lose our pensions, our houses and our Bingo money.
Now they are talking about cutting Social Security and a lot of seniors are worried that we won’t be able to afford anything but cat food.
I’ll have more information next time, after I sample some brands. My cats are no help.

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