Progress report

How fast a month goes! Our video, Project Invisible was featured on WhoHaHa and it was one of the films selected as a semi-finalist in the Indie Short Fest.

If you have a group you would like us to screen it for, get in touch.

We’re still busy but have taken a little detour to work on a comic print piece. We’ll publish it here first. Stay tuned.

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Still under construction! But here’s our podcast cover art:

It’s 2020 and we’re really retired now. Our creative focus is to launch our podcast. We have a work schedule, we’ve picked our music, and we have professionally designed cover art (courtesy of Lon Kirschner of Kirschner Design). Today we decided to go back to our roots and add some improv to the podcast. There will be snark. There will be guests. There will be giggling.

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Coming Eventually!

We’re working on launching a podcast featuring the Naughty Nanas. Amy & Joan, the last Nanas standing, are determined to host this chat cast dedicated to the wit, wisdom, and snark of women over 60. We aim to be inappropriate, amusing and occasionally offensive. This is Amy’s title: “Did We Ask If You Care?” Our list of topics should keep us (or our successors) at it for a long time. We have a lot to say about shape wear and shopping, adventures in aging and unintended consequences. There will be guests! Those who know us personally can relax – we’re working with competent professionals.

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Project Invisible: A Power Anthem for Older Women

The Naughty Nanas produced a short comedic musical on the invisibility of older women in our society. The film is a passion project of three woman who passed sixty and decided it was time to act out. Hope you enjoy!


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Go Over the Edge with Joan Larason & Amy Rubin

In Sketchhaus at ImprovBoston July 24, 2014 at 9:00 P.M.overedgephoto
40 Prospect St.
Cambridge, MA

Original Sketch Comedy by two of the Naughty Nanas

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Amy and Joan in a Honey Dew commercial produced by Davis Advertising.   Until we get the link working, google “DewTube  – Bingo”

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Nana Tillie’s New Blog

Nana Tillie takes her partisan political views to a new site before the other Naughty Nanas catch on. Check out her rants at

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